Reviews: What they are saying about the CD!

Dear Ruby,
just to say, we got your new CD and we LOVE it! It's been playing over and over again since Sunday afternoon. :) Nicolino's favourite, of course, dinosaur hungry. And mine is I love sunshine (I really do, and I miss it too!). But they are all very creative original and entertaining! Thank you!

Many thanks,

"Car journeys used to be a nightmare now thanks to Jane's CD they're a dream." - Fiona, Paul and Eve

"Josie (3) and Sammy (18 months) love Jane's CD. The original songs inspire them to jump around like kangaroos, play copycat games and speak Spanish but most importantly just enjoy singing and having fun. It is refreshing to have a CD for the kids that we can enjoy listening to with them." -Rebecca


Erica Jones - Pre School Teacher said the following:


It has been over a year since I stopped taking my son (Jaspin aged 5) to Ruby Rhymes because he started full time school. We still sing the songs and try to get back to sessions in the holidays. Jane's classes are full of energy and very unique. Being a British Australian, it was extra special for my son and I to be able to have a connection to the songs about Australia. Jane is very welcoming and engages brilliantly with the children. She holds their attention (the adults and children) and encourages participation on all levels. We've missed our weekly session but the catchy, original songs are often sung in our house, even by my husband. I was pregnant for a lot of the sessions, and when my baby was born, he was also calmed when I sang the songs. Guess he'd heard them sung many times before his birth. Jane's class was one of the highlights of Jaspin's week. He misses going as do I.


When going to one of Jane's classes in the holidays, I discovered she'd made a CD of her original songs. I had to buy one because we were no longer able to go to weekly calsses due to full time nursery. My 5 year old son only owns 2 CD's, Jane's and Mika. When we are at home, he will put Jane's CD on and dance and sing like a mad thing. When we went on a family holiday to Devon, the CD was a must have. We even got the Grandparents singing along. The tunes are very catchy and great to sing along with. Unfortunately we lost the CD on that holiday so have had to order another one. Jaspin will be delighted when it arrives in the post as I haven't told him about it yet. Our only complaint about the CD is that it doesn't contain all of the great songs she uses in her classes, but there are far too many. We are delighted with the CD and can't wait for the new copy to arrive.

And finally Julia Brookesbank says:

Also, I wanted to let Streatham Mum's know about a really lovely music class that we've found. We've tried Monkey Music and found it too strict and not really long enough to enjoy so we are now going to Ruby Music. I don't think many people know about it so it would be great to let more Streatham Mums know about it.

These are really interactive music sessions - Jane sings and plays the guitar and the kids join in with instruments of their choice. It's a mix of familiar nursery rhymes and fun new songs for pre-school children - we are going to the Thursday sessions which are at the Friends Meeting House on Brixton Hill which is a really nice venue - very spacious and clean with lots of room for buggies. When we were there this Thursday ages ranged from 8 months to 3 and everyone enjoyed it - especially Ava who always got upset at Monkey Music. The classes last nearly an hour with a half time break for juice and snacks and cost £5 which you pay when you go rather than in advance.


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